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How to unclog a toilet with and without a plunger

How to unclog a toilet? No problem. If you are facing such problem and are not finding any professional person to help you with the issue, this article will definitely help you to learn how to unblock the toilet with some little practice.

You can now do it by yourself and no need for waiting for someone to come. It is very necessary to keep the toilets clean and hygienic as many of the infections and diseases arises around and if the toilets are unhygienic and blocked,

There are chances of germs and mosquitoes to take birth which creates diseases especially in monsoon climate. So it is always advisable to keep the toilets net and clean and hygienic and if your toilet is blocked, follow the guidelines mentioned in this article.

How to unclog a toilet

Get started: Unblock the toilet using a plunger:

1) Make sure you keep the toilet surface clean and avoid form overflowing the water. If the plush of the toilet is not working properly, avoid using flush and if you use your flush again and again, the water pumped into the toilet bowl will be flapped.

Unblock the toilet using a plunger

To unblock the toilet, you should remove the lid of the tank and close the toilet flapper from stopping the water to enter into the bowl. When you open the lid of the tank, the flapper should be linked with chain and it looks similar to that of circle shaped drain stopper. The water inside the tank is not dirty. You can wear gloves in your hand and dip your hand in water.

2) To avoid the water or any dirt fall on the surface, spread sheets of newspapers around the toilet. Make sure the exhaust fan is turned on to exhaust the smell.

3) Find out the reason of the blockage and try to remove it if possible by reaching. If you can reach with the hands, then it would be great but if no then take a quality plunger.

Unblock the toilet using a plunger step 2

4) Make sure the plunger is heavy and the rubber part of the plunger is either ball shaped or a stiff round shaped so that it can easily go inside the clogged part and remove the seal. Before digging the plunger, wash it beneath the hot water to make the rubber part little softer so that it gets easy to seal.

5) Now be patient, and push the plunger inside the hole. As you push down, the first pump releases air in the bowl and then gently pushes it more down so that the clog part will be disturbed and loosen up and then continue to pump and pull the plunger in order to unblock the toilet.

6) It takes about 15-20 minutes of time and once done, flush once or twice to check the drain. Fill the water in the bowl again and then flush to see if the blockage is there or not.

Hence, to conclude the process of unblocking using a plunger is completed.


How to unclog a toilet without a plunger? Yes, there is an answer to it. It is possible and can be done by you at your home. A technique is what is required and make sure the toilet is not overflowing. If it is overflowing, then take help form the professionals else get started to learn the technique:


Step 1 – Takes some amount of shampoo or dish soap and stuff in the blocked part. Use gloves before starting as the hygienic safety measures should also be kept in consideration. You can also cut few pieces of soap and use them.

Step 2 – Now, wait for some time and then add hot water to the bowl by opening the lid of the tank.

Step 3- after sometime, you can see that the water inside the tank breaks up and the soap or shampoo used will automatically slide down the pipe and if needed, you can repeat the step once or twice.

Step 4 –  Use a tool to dip the soap or shampoo used deep or else you can also use your hands wearing rubber gloves. The water in the tank is not that dirty and you can use your hands.

Step 5 – After sometime, flush to see if there is no blockage left and the drainage is clear. If you still find and clog, then repeat the process again.

Hence, we have finished the process to unclog a toilet without using a plunger. Hope this tutorial can help you.


Are you looking to unclog the toilet? Now there is no need to wait for any professional repairing person to come at your home and no need to pay for the services also. You can do it to your home by yourself.

Generally, the technique is to use the plunger and make sure that the rubber part of the plunger is round shaped so that it goes deep in the blocked part and when pumped and pushed, removes the dirt and unblocks the toilet.

The detailed procedure is same as mentioned in the above forms. But, sometime it happens that while using a plunger, the rubber gets spoiled or may be the plunger doesn’t work. You need not worry if this is the case.

You can use your own hands or also use shampoo or dish wash or other chemicals available in the market or use a snake or use baking soda. There are many options to remove the blockage in case your plunger is not working.

However, details about each option will be mentioned in the later part of the article. You are requested to follow the instructions carefully to keep your toilet neat, hygienic and blockage free in order to avoid germs and diseases caused by the germs.

Generally it takes some time so keep some patience and follow the guidelines carefully. You can also send your feedback if there is any problem with the process.


How to unclog the toilet with baking soda? A blocked toilet causes inconvenience. If you don’t have a plunger and still you don’t want to dip your hands in the tank, you can use baking soda and vinegar to clean the clog.

These are household products and are also non-harmful. The combination of baking soda and vinegar creates magic as it becomes a chemical reaction n works great. The fizz comes out of the experiment when combined and large amount of bubbles gets formed.

The two ingredients can also be used to clean the sink. Let’s learn the technique to unblock using baking soda and vinegar.



1) The first thing to do to get started is notice the situation of the clog. If you have plunger then that works great but if no, then take equal portion of baking soda and vinegar in a bowl and keep aside.

2) Next thing is pour the mix in the toilet bowl by opening the lid of the tank and do not pour the whole amount of baking soda and vinegar mix. You might need to repeat the process again.

3) Now pour vinegar in the tank. As in, equal amount of mix and if required pour vinegar from top separately and it will go inside and mix with the baking soda liquid.

4) Now, once you are done with the above step, pour hot water in the toilet and check if the spot clear.

5) If needed, repeat the process again and flush once or twice to check if it’s clear or not. Make sure you use gloves in your hand to maintain hygiene and safety and wash your hands properly after the entire process is completed.

Toilets if kept unhygienic, creates germs that causes diseases. Especially in monsoon season, the cause of germs increases and it is always advisable to keep the surface clean before and after use.

Also it is advisable to be careful while using the ingredients baking soda and vinegar. Make sure the lids of the chemical ingredients are closed tightly avoiding from falling on the surface and keep away from the reach of children.

If you are still not successful in unclogging, then you should use a plunger and purchase it. Hence, to conclude, follow the instructions carefully and clean your toilet and maintain the hygiene.



– Take a product that contains enzyme liquid waste material. The enzymes act powerful to break the waste when used. It is a form of chemical basically used to clear the blockage and the most important thing is that by using the enzyme chemical, the pipes won’t get damaged.

– As per mentioned on the box, pour the amount of enzyme chemical in the toilet. To maintain safety, use hand gloves. Leave the toilet undisturbed for the whole night and make sure nobody flushes or uses the toilet. Keeping it overnight allow the chemical to work.

– Next day morning, flush once or twice and you will know the result. There won’t be any blockage left. Still if you feel there is blockage, then repeat the process again. I suppose that you don’t have to go for the repeating process. Make sure you use the amount of enzyme chemical as specified in the box and avoid using excess. Keep away from the reach of children.

While using the chemical products, you should be careful and ensure that the chemical does not fall on the bathroom surface. It’s advisable to use plunger if you owe it, but still if you don’t, then go for household techniques.


– Firstly, purchase the chemical drain cleaner available in the grocery store on the market. The chemicals solution which does not belong to cleaning of toilets should not be used as the pipes may get damaged. So it is advisable to use chemical drain cleaners made especially to clean the toilets.

– As mentioned on the box, following the instructions carefully, pour the needed amount of chemical and make sure you use hand gloves before using the chemical. Also, turn on the ventilation of the bathroom and be extra careful while pouring the chemical as the liquid bounce back at times.

– Leave the liquid undisturbed for a night and next day morning flush once or twice to see whether the clog is clear. Do not use plunger immediately after pouring the chemical and the ventilation in the bathroom is must as you don’t inhale the chemical which is dangerous. Keep away the chemical product from the reach of children and keep away from direct exposure to sunlight.


You can also use other homemade chemical solution of baking soda with vinegar that acts likes magic. The instructions are mentioned above however. The chemicals if fell on hand may cause itchiness and so it is advisable to use hand gloves and also wash the hands properly after use.


How to unclog a toilet using a plumbing snake? Tried all the possible methods and still worried with the blockage? Now try this new technique.

A plumbing snake is also known as flexible cleaning tool or auger. It is a flexible coil of wire that will go deep in the curves of a drain and can also go deeper than a wire. The closet auger is the best plumbing snake used for clearing the toilets without damaging the bowls.


  • Firstly, purchase a plumbing snake viable in the market.Take the one end of the plunger and insert in the drain. The snake is very comfortable to use and it can go deeper than a wire and also can take curves inside the drain. Push gently till deep down where you feel the obstacles.
  • Now keep twisting and pushing the snake through the obstruction and make sure the obstruction is broken into smaller pieces so that it can easily move through the pipes. Push and twist the snake.
  • Flush the toilet to see if the drains are cleared or not.
  • In order to remove the snake, make sure you remove it in the opposite direction. It might not be possible to remove the snake in the same direction as inserted and it is twisted and pushed down.
  • Be patience enough to remove the snake without harming the pipes and by removing in opposite direction can easily remove the snake from the toilet.

If you feel this technique is not your cup of tea, you can take help of a plumber. However, it is advisable to be careful and keep the children away while exhibiting the process.

Make sure that the surface of the bathroom is also clean and the ventilator in the bathroom is turned on. Apart from a snake, you can also use wire coat hanger and wet or dry vacuum cleaner. Both of the techniques are also helpful to remove the drain.

If you are using a vacuum cleaner, then remove the water out of the bowl and place the one end of the vacuum cleaner in the drain and push it into the toilet few inches down. Do not push it deep. You should wrap an old cloth around the hole so that the end part is sealed.

Make sure the old cloth is tied tightly so that it does not come out in the middle and gets clogged in the toilet. Now, once done you can turn out the vacuum and use hand to put some pressure on the towel. The vacuum will suck out all the drains and wait for a minute or two for the vacuum to work. The simple way of removing the drain using a vacuum cleaner is completed.

If you are using a wire coat hanger, then wrap the end of the wire using a rag tightly. You can also use a duct tape in order to maintain the rag in place and this will also prevent the sharp end from damaging the pipes.

Now place the wrapped end in the drain and twist and push it in circular motion to clean the drain. If in case you find the obstacle, push gently till the water drains the obstacle. It is advisable to wear the rubber gloves as you may get hurt while twisting the coat wire of the hanger.

Once done, the drain part should flush away with water and flush once or twice to see whether the clog has been cleared or not. If you feel still there is a drain, repeat the process again. You can also use plunger if needed or use any alternative techniques.


Hope this article has helped you to make you aware about the various types of cleaning the blockage. However, it is advisable to be careful and follow the safety measures as instructed. Hence, the process to unclog a toilet is completed.

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