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How to make rock candy on a stick Fast at Home

How to make rock Candy? If you are looking forward to learning the simple basis of making a rock candy, then you are reading the written article. Rock candy is delicious to taste and the experiment can be done at your home in your kitchen. It’s not a rocket science.

It’s simple and easy. The best part of making a rock candy is that you can customize and create your own candy in the form of a wooden stick or a string choosing colors of your choice along with the wonderful flavors.

A detailed description will be given in this article and by the end of the article; you will surely learn to make a delicious Rock candy at your home

How to make rock candy

Get started to make the sugar solution:


  • 2 cups water,
  • 4 cups granulated white sugar,
  • food color, and flavoring.


Step 1. Take a bowl and heat 2 cups of water to boil. You can also use purified water and by using purified water, the sugar crust will prevent the water from evaporating and preventing the crystals from growing.

Step 1. Next thing to do is stir the 4 cups of granulated white sugar in half cup on increments. Stir properly using a spoon and make sure that the sugar is dissolved completely in the water. Keep stirring continuously. After all, it’s the efforts that lead to success. It takes a little time as the sugar to get completely dissolved in water needs some time.

Step 2. Now once the granulated white sugar is completed dissolved, off the flame and allow the water to cool for about 20 minutes. Make sure the sugar is dissolved completely before remaining from the flame.

Step 3. To make your rock candy look attractive and taste good, add color or flavor in the solution. If you want a plain rock candy then don’t mix any flavor or color. You can also add drink mix, fruit splash, lime juice, peppermints, strawberry, vanilla or even banana flavored increments.

 Step 4. Once you are ready with the adding’s, pour the liquid in the glass or container you plan to rock candy crystals. Fill the glass completely till top and then cover the glass with a piece of wax or a paper to prevent dust.

Hence, the basic recipe of making sugar solution is completed.

How to make a rock candy on string?

How to make a rock candy on a string? No worries. It is very simple and easy and even fun to make.

How to make candy string


Step 1. Take a pencil and tie one end of the string in the middle of the pencil and tie the other side with a paperclip. Make sure the weight of the paperclip is good enough to hold the string handing down. The size of the string must be measured about 2/3 long of that of a glass. Do not touch or hand the bottom side of the glass as the sugar crystals could go smaller. The string can be cotton material.

Step 2. Now once you are ready, dip the string inside the sugar solution that you have to make and keep ready following the above method of making sugar solution. After dipping the string inside the solution, remove it from inside and lay on a piece of wax paper. Allow it to dry. After some time, you can automatically see few sugar crystals forming on the string. Do not touch it, as theses crystals grow around.

Step 3. The next thing to do is lowering the string in the sugar solution glass. The face of the string should be straight down and make sure the string does not touch the bottom or sides of the glass. Once done carefully, take a paper towel and cover the solution. The water inside the solution evaporates and forces out the sugar. It is a scientific technique and the string will collect all the sugar crystals and form a rock candy crystals.

Step 4. You can also twist the pencil string inside the jar. Do not disturb the glass and store the glass at a normal temperature atmosphere. Make sure the glass is not directly exposed to sunlight and kept away from water.

Step 5. Mark your calendar as it takes a week’s time for the crystals to be formed. Maintain some patience and after a week, remove the paper of the glass and remove the dipped string and lay on the paper to dry. Your delicious rock candy crystals on string are ready.

Hence, the process of making a rock candy on a string is completed.

How to make rock candy on a stick?

How to make rock candy on a stick? Rock candy’s on sticks are delicious to taste and are easy to make. It does not take much time as well. Instructions below will help you to make a rock candy on a stick which looks attractive;

How to make rock candy on a stick

To begin:

1) Firstly, make the sugar solution reading the above details of making the sugar solution and keep aside.

2) Secondly, take a stick and roll in the sugar solution contained glass. The granulated sugar becomes forming crystals and make sure you don’t dip the stick deep down and do not allow touching the sides of the glass. If so, the crystals get stuck to the bottom side of the glass and do not form on the stick and the entire experiment goes waste.

3) Take a clothespin and secure one end of the stick tightly with the clothes pin and the stick should be in the very center of the glass.

4) After doing the above step carefully, cover the glass with a paper towel neatly and secure the glass safely in a normal temperature atmosphere leaving it undisturbed and untouched.

5) Mark your calendar with one week time and allow the sugar crystals to form without disturbing the glass. Now after a week of holding the excitement and patience, remove the paper towel and gently remove the stick from the glass and place it on the paper wax to dry. You can see that the sugar crystals are formed on the stick and in case your stick touches the surface of the glass, dip the glass in hot water and the stick comes out.

Hurray, your tutorial of making rock candy on stick is completed.

How to make rock candy at home?

How to make a rock candy at home? This is the question asked then the answer to your question is you don’t have to worry. Making lovely and delicious rock candy at home is possible and it is affordable as well as easy.

Does not take much of your time and the ingredients needed are also available easily in the market. Purchase the granulated white sugar from the market along with the flavor and colors of your choice. Once you are prepared with the material, read the above details of making the sugar solution.

You can use stove to boil the or else can also use the microwave. Make sure you are careful with the fire if using the stove. Make the sugar solution and keep aside.

And follow the other instructions for making Rock candy on string or stick. It is fun to make. Try using different flavors and colors to make it look more attractive.

Rock candy sticks or strings are available in the market but they get costly if you want to buy in bulk. One can buy if needed in limited, and if you are keen to learn the rock candy and make it at your home, it gets cheaper, affordable and made under good hygiene.

What can be best in providing hygiene and homemade candies to your children? You can also make colorful rock candies and gift them to kids in a party. Rock candies are delicious to taste.

How to make fast Rock Candy crystals?

How to make Rock Candy fast? Generally, it takes a week time to get the sugar crystals to be formed. But if you are planning a party and love making Rock Candy and can’t wait for one week, you can still make delicious and yummy rock candy crystals easily and in few hours.

You can also use the sugar crystals for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and other eatable items. Let’s get quickly started to know the secret behind making the fast and quick mouthwatering Rock candy crystals.

How to make fast Rock Candy crystals?


  • 2 cups sugar,
  • half cup corn syrup,
  • ½ cup water, ½ tsp.
  • flavored oil,
  • food color.


1) Tale a bowl and heat sugar, water and corn syrup together at low heat and stir the mixture continuously so that the corn syrup and sugar get dissolves completely.

2) Once done, remove from heat and then add the flavor of your choice.

3) Instantly, pour the liquid on the greased cookie sheet and let it cool down and afterward cut into small pieces. You can also use flavored oil as a flavor.

Hurray! The fast and instant way of making the rock Candy process is completed.

How to make candy sheets?

How to make candy sheets? If you are looking to make the sugar sheets and are worried as you have no clue to how to make them?

Then stop worrying as I am here to assist you with making the Candy sheets at your home in an easy and affordable way. Candy sheets can be used to decorate the cakes and cupcakes and they are delicious to taste as well. Let’s get started with the tutorial:

How to make candy sheets?


A big bottle of white corn syrup, non-stick cooking spray, white sugar, candy thermometer, cream of tartar, mold, measuring cups and a big pot, water.


Step 1 – Take a bowl or a pot and mix water, sugar, corn syrup and cream of tartar in the pot and boil the mixture on the stove.

Step 2 – While boiling, the mixture turns white and cloudy and continues to boil at low flame nearly 300 degrees F. Stir the ingredients carefully with a spoon or stirrer and be careful as the mixture is hot to touch. Stir continuously until the ingredients gets dissolved completely.

Step 3 – Once done with the dissolving step, take the mold in which you want to set the liquid and carefully pour the hot mixture into the mold. You can also use a big cookie sheet generally a standard size of 17*11. This helps the sugar glass to come out after drying in the mold. Make sure you don’t hurry in pouring the mixture of the mold. Make sure you spread the mixture evenly.

Step 4 – The corners of the mold should be evenly surfaced and in case there are any bubbles formed, you can point them with any sharp obstacle. Wait for almost an hour.

Step 5 –  Now comes the removal part of the candy sheet. This can be little difficult but if you concentrate you can do it easily. Take a knife and heat in under hot water and very carefully cut the edge of the sheet in the mold and carefully take the help of someone if needed, pull the sheet upside. Make the mold side once the candy sheet is in your hand, handle carefully.

Step 6 – You have to keep this thing in mind that the candy sheets does not long for a longer time. So the sheets should be kept in a fridge and after 10-15 minutes the sheets will start getting sticky. Get started with the execution part. Use your own creativity and use the sheet. You can make faces, alphabetical shapes, house shape or any other themed based shapes out of the Candy sheets.

There are many choice and options to make use of the Candy sheets. Enhance your skills and create your own stuff. The candy sheets can be used to decorate cakes, cupcakes or any theme based eatable items.

It is little tricky but actually helpful to make unlimited candy sheets and make your own creativity out of the Candy sheets. Make sure you quickly use the sheets and use them as decoration. Hence, to conclude, the way of making a Candy sheet is completed.

How to make a cotton candy?

How to make Cotton Candy? This article will help you to make Cotton candies. Cotton candies are fun to make and are also very tasteful.

You can use different color and flavors to make your cotton candy more deco ratable and colorful. Apart from being delicious, it is also easy to make at your home. Few instructions are what are needed for you to follow.

 How to make a cotton candy


Oil spray, 2 ½ cups granulated white sugar, ½ cup + 2 ½ tbsp. corn syrup, ½ cup + 1 tbsp. water, 2- drops of food color.


1) Take a medium bowl and add water, corn syrup and sugar and place the bowl to boil at low heat.

2) Take a candy thermometer and cook the sugar mixture until the temperature reaches 320 degrees and simultaneously stir continuously ensuring that the sugar and corn syrup dissolves completely.

3) Remove the mixture from the flame and allow it to cool for 2-3 minutes and drain the sugar. Take a 12*18 inches spoon and allow the sugar strands to rest on the spoon handles and by using long strokes repeat the process until a ball is formed in your hands. It gets sticky, though, but you can manage to make a ball out of the sugar solution.

4) Make balls and place each one in a glass and you can also store the cotton candies for few hours in an airtight container not allowing any air to pass by. For about 10 minutes the sugar will stay liquid and then afterward, it will start to get thick. The sugar will melt in the humid atmosphere and if the sugar gets very thick, you can microwave for a minute in a bowl and again give the ball shape form.

5) The making part gets clumpy and sticky. To clean all the utensils used, heat a spatula and pour on the spoon and other utensils used to make the Cotton candy. The leftover sugar starts to get dissolve in plastic bags. You can also soak the utensils for few hours in hot water for the sticky part on the utensils to get diluted and easily washed away. Little messy but making of delicious and colorful Cotton candies is worth creating the mess.

6) You can also give your own designs and forms to cotton candies and use various colors to make them look attractive and colorful while using them in decoration.

Now, it gets easy to host a kid’s party and make lovely Candy rocks and use them for decorating cakes, cupcakes, and other items. Kid’s loves candies and you can make your own rock Candies and Candy glass or sheets can also be made to add the shine on the decoration part.

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