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How to make a Tutu

How to make a Tutu? The article is all about the tutorial to make you learn making different varieties of the topic highlighted in the center. Tutus are fun to make and looks great on any regular costume or outfit.

Now, with the help of the tutorial, it is possible to make your own. If you go to a shop and purchase a tutu dress, it is costly while making your own is reasonable and affordable and also you can add your own creativity.

A tutu dress can be made easily using sewing techniques and also without sewing. So, need not worry if you are not used to handling a needle and a thread. I am here to brief you both the techniques and your concentration is what needed. So, let’s get started:

How to make a Tutu


  • First thing to get started is choosing the tulle. Depending upon the width and size of your waist, the amount of cloth needed can be estimated and you have got many options o choosing your own color.
  • You can also use a fabric cut into strips or rolls of tulle ribbons. It looks more attractive and you would also need thin elastic of 1 inch size.
  • Next thing is take the measurements. Use a measuring tape and measure the waist size or any other part where you want to stich your tutu and make sure the accurate measurements are noted as the elastic should be of proper size and shouldn’t be loose.
  • Now, take your fabric and cut in into strips measuring 3-6 inches and you can also make the measurements wider to form a good frill around your outfit.
  • In case, you plan to use a tulle ribbon, and then cut the pieces into equal length of size 50-80 inches long. Make sure the strips of the ribbons are long as it will be folded in half the length from the waistband.
  • Take the elastic and measure the size of the waist or any other part where you want the tutu to be fitted. Take correct measurements as elastic can get loose.
  • Now, fold each cut strip into half flipping over the elastic band and use a straight stich on your machine to stich the ends of the two tails together below the elastic band and make sure you don’t run your sewing machine on the elastic band. Just join the material part flipping over the elastic band.
  • Take all the strips and continue to add tulle around the elastic band and start bunching them together one after the other and you can also remove or add more strips depending upon the elastic band. Make sure the complete elastic band is covered with the strips properly.
  • Now comes the finishing part. When you reach the end of the elastic band, sew the ends under sewing machine and accordingly adjust your tulle evenly around the elastic waist band.
  • You can also use your own creativity and use different colors and match making concepts to make your tutu look more colorful and attractive. Hence, to conclude, the tutorial is completed.


– To get started with the no-sewing technique, first thing to do is collect your tulle. Take a light weight fabric using color of your choice. The measurements of the fabric should be about 50-80 inches wide ad 1-3 yards long depending up on the waist size. Keep the ribbon bundle ready of matching color.

– Take a measuring tape and measure the size of the waist or any other part where you want to fix the tutu.

– Cut the fabric depending upon the size and add 5-10 inches length of ribbons to form a tie shaped to give the finishing look. Cut the fabric into strips measuring 2-6 inches wide and you can also use thicker or thinner strips depending upon your taste.

– Now the next thing to do is start adding tulle to the ribbons and fold in into half by creating a loop on one end and creating two loose tails on the other end.

Stick the folded strip on the top of the ribbon and then fold the ends under the ribbon and pull them through the loop whose end is stuck over the top. Do this to create a knot over the ribbon.

– Continue to add the tulle strips and gather them together while adding. It looks like a bunch form and covers the entire size of the ribbon with the tulle and leaves the remaining end part to tie the tutu on it.

– Coming on the last and finishing part, tie the ribbon around your waist and your tutu dress without using sewing machine is ready. Isn’t it easy and fun to make at affordable cost? Hence the tutorial is completed.

How to make a tutu skirt?

How to make a tutu skirt? Making a skirt is lovely, simple and easy. It is also affordable and you can create your own creativity out of learning the basic technique. A simple technique once learnt, can help you to flaunt your skills and talent.

Here, there is no need of sewing machine. You can make a tutu skirt without a sewing machine. Let’s get started to know the secret:

1) Prepare the elastic: take the measuring tape and measure the size of the waist and the general standard size ranges between 11-23 inches from the waist. Take a piece of elastic band and cut the elastic to the size measured little shorter and then stick the ends of the elastic with the glue and make sure the ends of the elastic are stuck hard. The elastic form a circle shape, keep aside.

2) Prepare the tulle: now choose the tulle color of your choice and the material must be not very hard. Make sure you don’t fall short of the tulle and it’s always better to keep extra in hand. Depending upon the waist size, cut the tulle in the form of long strips 3 inches wide. Cut more tulle from the fabric you are using and keep aside.

3) Cut the tulle: if it gets difficult for you to cut the tulles as the fabric might go u and down, you can use a piece of cardboard by wrapping the tulle around the cardboard and cut the fabric by using scissors under the wrapped tulle which is the right width of the skirt and cut the edges of the tulle pieces gathered together at one single angle to add the dimensions.

4) Final making: take the elastic band and attach the glue on the band and attach each tulle by flipping the tulle over the elastic band. Then repeat the same to form the second layer and then third layer if needed and continue till the circle is completed.

You can also directly tie the tulle in the knot form if you don’t want to use the glue. Once the elastic band wrapping is done, find the front side of the skirt and add a bow made out of ribbon or a flower to your skirt to make it look lovely and attractive.

Hurray, the procedure to make a tutu skirt is completed.

How to make a Tutu Dress?

How to make a Tutu dress? Making of tutu dress is simple, easy and affordable. This tutorial helps you to make a beautiful tutu dress for adults as well as for babies. The materials required for making are also easily available and are not very costly.

If you go out for buying a tutu dress, it gets expensive and you might also not get the color combinations of your choice. By making at home, you can create your own dress playing with your favorite color combos. What can sound better than this? So, friends let’s get started with the tutorial:

How to make a Tutu skirt

Step 1 – First thing to do is take the measurements around the chest and waist. Take a measuring tape and note the measurements of the person for whom you are making the dress. Give exact figures as a perfect and fit tutu dress looks beautiful and if loose, it looks awkward.

How to make a Tutu fisrt step

Step 2 – Secondly, take an elastic band and cut it according to the measurements size. Take the band about half or ¾ inch wider. After cutting, attach the ends of the elastic with glue or take a needle and a thread and stich the end part of the elastic band. Make sure whatever you are using; the ends of the elastic band are tightly and firmly secured.

How to make a Tutu step 1

Step 3 – Now get some spools of the tulle. There are different colors available and choose your color and cut the fabric into strips longer depending upon the length of your dress.

You can also use a piece of cardboard by taking the length of the cardboard equal to the length of your dress and wrap the cut tulle strips around the cardboard one-by-one and continue till you finish all your tulle.

Step 4 – Take a scissors and cut the bottom edge of the board and cut the tulle along with it and make sure you cut only one side of the tulle and not the other side.

How to make a Tutu step 2

Step 5 –  Take the circle shaped formed elastic band and take a tulle and tie them to the elastic band flipping one over the other and bring all the tulles together and take the first part and slide in under the waistband and tie a knot. Just like you did for the skirt in the above, repeat the same process for making a dress.

Step 6 –  Once done, add ribbon and waistband and make a bow out of it. Now make a halter top by making the shoulder straps with the ribbon. You can use satin ribbons or piece of tulle as the straps of your dress.

How to make a Tutu final step

Step 7 –  You can also decorate the dress by adding different flowers or bows made out of ribbons and secure them on the dress. To make it look more creative, you can also add different accessories pending upon your budget that are easily available in the market.

The tutorial of making a tutu dress is completed.

How to make a fluffy tutu?

Making a fluffy tutu is not a rocket science. So, need not worry. It is simple and easy just like making a normal one. It is also fun to make as you can choose your own fabric and colors. Let’s get started.

Material required:

– Scissors needle, thread, tulles, elastic band and 2 pieces of cardboard.

Making part:

1) Take the measuring tape and measure the size of the person for whom you are making the fluffy dress.

2) Take an elastic band and measure the size of the elastic band according to the size of the person and cut a bit shorter and secure the ends of the elastic band either with glue or sew them with needle and thread.

3) After doing so, take a piece of cardboard and majeure the length depending upon the length of the fluffy tutu you want to make. If one single cardboard length is not enough, you have to use two cardboard pieces and join one after the other to give the size of the length.

4) Select the fabric and cut tulles out of it. Cut as many as possible to make the outfit look fluffy. After the cutting part is done, wrap the tulle strips around the cardboard one-by –one and make sure you cover the cardboard properly warping it.

Take 2-4 strips and fold it half and tie a knot around the elastic band and repeat the process until you create four layers to make your outfit looks beautiful and fluffy.

5) Once you are done with the wrapping up part, secure the end and tie a bow or a flower of the front side on the outfit to make it look more beautiful.

Your fluffy tutu outfit is ready to wear and look beautiful in your own creation. You can look more adorable by choosing two-three color combinations of making the fluffy outfit. Hope this tutorial helped you with the making part and the method is completed.

How to make tutu dress with a crochet top?

How to make a tutu dress with a crochet top? I am very excited to share the tutorial as it is fun to make. The outfit looks beautiful when completed and the crochet top adds the touch to the dress. Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

Material needed:

· Crochet headband, tulle strips, scissors, glue, needle and thread.

Making technique:

1. Take the fabric and cut the tulle out of the fabric in about 10 inch long strips and keep aside. Make sure the strips are one inch wider. Take a headband and wrap it against a large cylinder to keep the sections separately and this gets easy to wrap the tulles.

2. Now take the strips and start from the bottom. Fold the strip onto half and place the folded end down the hole of the band. Pull the tulle of the strip and you can use 2 strands in each hole of the head band.

3. Continue to repeat the process by putting the two strands together in one hole and pull them from the bottom of the hole.

4. Once the whole tulles are completed and the outfit is formed, secure the ends with a needle and thread making sure that the knots made out of the strips doesn’t not come out. Secure them firmly and keep adding strips one by one.

5. The rest technique is similar to making a basic tutu outfit and follows the guideline and completes the process.

6. To make a crochet top, you can take a readymade crocket top and attach the strips of the tulle at the bottom side of the top and continue the process you have done with the head band. Pull two tulles in one end and continue. Take more number of fabric strips for making a dress with crochet top as it gets loose and looks awkward if the quantity of strips is less.

7. The dress looks complete with a crochet top and tutu skirt attached.

Hurray, your tutu dress with a crochet top is ready and the process to make is also completed.

You can also make a tutu skirt or dress without crochet top and the making part is similar to the above mentioned details. Follow the instructions carefully and create your own skirts or dresses. Making tutu dress or skirts for babies looks more adorable as various cute accessories available in the market can be used.

You can also play with different color combination as for babies’ colorful dress or skirts looks very cute. If you are making for adults, you can decorate with flowers or beads or any other simple material available at reasonable rates and hence to conclude, the tutorial of making a tutu is completed.

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