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How to make a diaper cake step by step

How to make a diaper cake for a boy and girl with some best and easy technique today in this class we will try to introduce,  So welcome to the Diaper cake making a tutorial. Babies are a beautiful gift of God and if you are invited to a baby shower party or any birthday party, you can make innovating diaper cakes for your home and gift them.

It is unique and looks cute as a gift plus diapers are very useful for the babies. It’s innovating and useful. Diaper cakes are made out of diapers bringing all the diapers together and forming it into a cake shape. Isn’t it cool?

The best part of a diaper cake is the decoration part which we will highlight about later. Diaper cakes are cool to gift in any baby shower party as it is very common to gift clothes, accessories, play toys and etc. They are innovative, easy to make and are affordable.

How to make a diaper cake and decorate

How to make a diaper cake?

There are two different ways to make a diaper cake.

– Rolled up diaper cake

– Wrap-Around diaper cakes.


Let’s get started to make a rolled up diaper cake. It is easy as well as fun. Firstly, select diapers with a cool design of your choice. The picture print of the diapers can be seen on the paper wrapped and you can select as per your choice.

Now, focus on forming the top part of the diaper cake. All you need to do is take a single diaper, roll it and start to open top end. In order to keep the rolled diaper stiff, take an elastic band and wrap it around the rolled diaper. You can also use a fancy ribbon to stop the rolled diaper from unrolling.

Next thing is to repeat the rolling process of the diapers for about 7 diapers and place one diaper in the center and secure the remaining six surrounding it. Make sure that all the diapers are neatly and evenly placed and tie a big ribbon or a big elastic band to all the diapers and secure them tightly.

Basically, the rolled diapers should be arranged in a circle shape.Now the top part is ready and to make the bottom part, take about 15 diapers and roll them in the same way by tying each individual diaper with ribbon or rubber band and form a big circle.

Repeat the same process of that of the top part. Make the third part of the diaper cake by taking 30 diapers and repeat the same process. Once you are ready, secure the layers together by inserting one or two wooden dowels starting from the base layer.

Place the layers one by one and you are ready. Decorate the diaper cake by wrapping a cute ribbon on each layer to look it more attractive and you can use other decorative accessories available in the market.

Wrap-Around Diaper Cake:

Firstly, place a half-finished roll of paper towels on a table. That acts like a center piece of the cake stiffing the layers together. The center piece can be replaced by a rolled up stiff blanket or a large bottle of baby lotion.

Next thing is to start placing one diaper so that the flatten diaper lies horizontally one by one around the center piece. Place the diapers one by one in an over lapping manner. Repeat the process depending upon how big or small diaper cake you want to make.

Once placed the diapers, tie a big elastic band or a ribbon around the base layer and secure them tightly. Make sure they are all evenly placed. The layers can be three parts and each layer should be smaller than the other to form a proper wrap-around diaper cake.

Repeat the process to form the other two layers and secure them tightly. Now you are ready to decorate the diaper cake. Take a cake based cardboard and place the bottom layer on the cardboard.

Now place the second layer over and tie it with a big ribbon making bows to make it look creative. Use decorative accessories available in the market and your diaper cake is ready to gift.

How to make the diaper cake for the boy?

The tutorial part of making a diaper cake for a boy is similar to the above process. What makes it different is the decorative part. For making g a diaper cake for a boy, choose which you want to make out of wrap-Around and rolled up.

For a boy, choose all blue color decorative things. Like blue color ribbons, rubber bands, diapers with blue inked lines and cartoons. There are many themed based materials available in the market to make a diaper cake.

You can also place a cute small teddy bear at the center of the cake and decorative the nearby place with artificial flowers in blue color and make it look attractive.

You can also use a blue color net wrapping the cake and tying it with a blue color ribbon. The diaper cake looks combo of white-blue and looks attractive and innovative. If you are not so appropriate with the theme, you can also use uni-sex colors.

You can play with color options to make a diaper cake for the boy. Universally, blue color indicates for a boy and pink for girls. To make it look more creative, I suggest you use more of uni-sex colors.

How to make a diaper cake video?

Making a diaper cake video is easy. Take help of another partner. If you are making a professional video, set the background environment first; decorate it with suitable accessories to make it look attractive. Now place all the materials required on the table and be prepared to speak up while making the diaper cake.

Give clear and step by step instructions so that the viewer will be able to understand what you try to portray. Record the video using a professional camera if you wish to upload the video on social networking platforms.

You can also edit the video by adding sub-titles or any other text messages. Various apps are available to edit the videos, download the app and use it for the edition.

Present the video in such a way that it is liked and clearly understood by the viewers. Describe the step-by-step procedure and don’t try to pro-long the video.

Make a short yet neat video. Try making a 3-4 minute video. You can also choose the option to be mute and only show the making part by playing any music in the background.

Various apps will help you with this. Get innovate by using new techniques available to make a diaper cake video.

How to make a diaper cake without rolling?

Making diaper cake without rolling brings out the creativity inside you. You can choose to decorate the diaper cake with soft toys, artificial flowers, and other soft decorative materials.

Do not use any shinning or shimmery decorative materials as the diapers cannot be washed before use and this might create rashes and itching for babies. The technique to make a diaper cake without rolling is very simple. Follow the simple and step-by-step process:

1) Firstly, to get started, make a base. You can decide to make a three tier diaper cake or four tier diaper cake. Choose shallow container as a base or a round shape container.

Make sure the container is more the half weight of the diapers. The basic sizes used to make a diaper cake are 10 inches, 8 inches and 6 inches.

How to make a diaper cake first

2) Secondly, start to fill the largest pan chosen by you with diapers. Place them side by side over lapping the other. Try using 0-1 size diapers and face the folded part outside. Continue to fill the pan.

How to make a diaper cake

3) Fill the container with diapers and pack them closely. As you do so, the diapers will automatically swirl and curl inside the pan and form a shape. Place about 20 diapers in the pan.

How to make a diaper cake

4) Once filled, tie a big rubber band or a ribbon around the diaper cake together and avoid using glue or tape or any other items that effect the baby’s skin as babies are born with super sensitive skins.

How to make a diaper cake

5) Repeat the same process neatly for layers depending upon your choice and do not forget to tie the rubber band properly. Make sure the diapers are placed tightly and if any gap in between, ignore that.

How to make a diaper cake base

6) Now, remove the diapers stacks out of the respective containers and tie them together carefully.

7) Stack the layers by placing the layers on one another and center them as possible.

How to make a diaper cake

8) Place wooden dowels down the center of the cake so that the layers placed on each other stay stiff.

9) Decorate
the diaper cake made without rolling as per your creativity and innovative skills.

10) Your diaper cake without rolling is ready in about 15-20 minutes and is easy, innovate and affordable to make it and glares your creativity skill by presenting it as a gift.

How to make diaper wreath?

To create a beautiful and memorable diaper gift, diaper wreath is the one. Now get innovative by making diaper wreath with rolled diapers and present the unique gift for the new mom’s and be the star of the party.

It is easy, innovative and affordable to gift a diaper wreath. Make a simple diaper wreath using a simple ribbon and a thin ribbon in a cross pattern.

Material needed to make the Diaper Wreath:

22 diapers, 14*14 inches thick cardboard, 3 sheets white office paper, 10 yards of narrow ribbons, glue stick, glue gun, elastic bands and lots of patience (Just kidding)


1) The first step is to make a circle. Take a cardboard and cut off a circle and cover the circle with a white paper. Cut a round shaped circle out of the cardboard and form two circles with different diameters and radius. Using the glue stick, cover the entire circle shaped cardboard with white office paper.

2) The second thing to do is roll the diapers and secure it with the rubber band to stop from unrolling. Take a wide ribbon of any color and wrap around the diaper and us a glue gun to stick the end of the ribbon in order to make it tight. Repeat the process with the other diapers and keep aside.

3) Now take the circle, and start gluing the diapers neatly on the circle. Make sure you don’t stick the hot glue on the diaper. Place the glue on the ribbon of the rolled diaper and place them one by one on the circle. If you fall short of diapers to cover the circle, use more diapers.

4) As you start gluing the diapers, the weight of the circle bends. In order to stiffen the circle, place the layer of the cardboard on the backside of the wreath. Doing this, makes the wreath stiff and strong and stops from bending.

5) Now criss cross ribbon wrap. Wrap the small ribbon diagonally on the front of the diaper and then turn behind the wreath neatly. Make it diagonally to form a criss cross shape. Continue the process in one way in a single direction until the end and attach a bow using a double sided tape on the ribbon of the wreath. The diaper wreath can be hanged on the wall also.

6) Make it more innovate by using different color ribbons and unique ideas.

Your diaper wreath is ready to gift within 15-20 minutes of time and is easy and affordable to make. Use the more creative idea of your own and do share your experience with me. I hope my tutorial is helpful to you in making a beautiful diaper wreath with easy technique.

How to make a small diaper cake?

Making a one tier small diaper cake is simple and easy. All you need is 40 diapers, I bigger rubber band, wider ribbon, 1 paper napkin, glue, a pair of scissors.

To get started, take a diaper and roll it. Wrap the rolled diaper with a rubber band tightly to stop from unrolling. Place a diaper in the center and surround it with other six rolled diapers and secure them with a big rubber band.

Next thing is place a 13 pieces diaper layer around the 1st layer. Simultaneously, make a 3rd layer of 18 diapers. Take a big ribbon and tie together all the layers of the diaper cake in one-tier form.

You can décor the diaper cake with soft toys and other hygienic materials available in the market. Alas! Your small one tier diaper cake is ready to gift.

How to make a motor cycle diaper cake?

Here’s presenting the tutorial to make a classy and crafty motor-cycle diaper cake for the baby shower party. It looks beautiful and innovative to gift it to the new mom. Follow the instructions listed below to be the star of the party:

Before getting started, all you need to do is select the goodies you want to choose for the diaper cake. It’s fun.

Method to make Motor cycle diaper cake:

– Take a cake pan and start to line the diapers one side facing upright horizontally. Once done one side, repeat the same on the other side of the pan.

– As you do so, automatically the diapers swirl and twist and abide them all with a ribbon.

– The tire is ready and now lifts the tire from the pan carefully and repeats the same for making another tire.

– Take a blanket and roll the first blanket in half-length wise direction and roll it tightly to place the rolled blanket inside the diaper tire hole.

– Do the same for the second tire as well and add a pin to ensure that the blankets are safely secured inside the tires.

– Now take a second blanket and roll it to place into the opening of the first tire to give a motor-cycle shape. Make sure both the ends of the tires meet the blanket and are properly secured.

– Add the remaining goodies with securing them with bob pins on the diaper cake.

– To make handle bars, take a rolled piece of cardboard and take baby socks and stuff tissues inside to make it stiff and secure the two-second blanket together on the top of the front diaper tire.

– The tissue stuffed baby socks place it over the blanket to give it a handle shaped look and you can also add bibs, soft toys, bottle or other items to give a perfect motor-cycle look to your diaper cake.

Your motor cycle diaper cake is ready. Be innovate and you can make changes as per your creativity. Motor cycle diaper cake is very useful and unique gifting item.

It is easy to make as well as affordable and besides it is fun to learn and make a motor cycle diaper make at home in about 20-25minutes. If needed, take help of your friends to assist you.

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