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How to draw a flower step by step also Rose, daisy lotus flower, Butterfly

How to draw a flower? This article helps you to learn the basics of drawing a flower. They are very beautiful and bring positivity. They are so good to smell and the fragrance of flowers can change your mood from bad to good.

The fresh and real flowers enhance the decoration part of the house and it looks more natural and attractive. A scented also helps to make the mood positive and gifting flowers always works in bringing smile on others face. Using artificial for décor part of the house also looks good and flowery as concept is very much in trend presently.

In this article, I am trying my best to guide you to learn drawing different varieties of this. It’s simple to learn and easy to practice. Follow the step by step instructions to learn the easy ways.

How to draw a flower?

How to draw a flower? Here is the step-by-step procedure to draw a flower.

Step 1- Draw a circle. The circle can be of any size depending upon the size of the flower you want to draw. A small one sounds great. It shouldn’t be difficult to draw a small circle, but still if you find it difficult, you can use stencils or any other circular surface to draw a perfect circle at the center.
How to draw a flower step 1

Step2-Draw the petals of the flower. Just take a pencil and draw five ovals around the circle in equal sizes. Make sure all the five petals you draw are of similar size and proper oval shaped. One oval petal should touch the other oval petal and if there is any error occurred by you, you can erase the mistake or any other extra drawings.

How to draw a flower

Step3 –
Draw stalks and stems of the flower. The stalks and stems are the musts in a flower. From the middle of the flower, draw slight arc giving the stalk shape. You can be creative by drawing the stalks with double lining thickness. Make sure the stalking line meets in the middle of this.

How to draw a flower step 3

Step 4- Draw leaves .Now; put the finishing touch to your flower. Just lightly draw the leave shape on the stalks. It looks like a water drop shape with pointed ends. Draw two leaves on the stalk and not needed to draw the leaves of same size. Draw one big and one small. The best part of drawing a leaf is that you don’t have to worry about getting a perfect shape.

How to draw a flower step 4

Step 5 – Draw the grass. To draw the grass, start with the bottom drawing a small curve from left to right. Once you do so, draw a big start on the top to give a perfect look.

How to draw a flower

Hurray, you are done with leaning the easy tutorial of drawing flower. Isn’t easy? You can also draw two flowers side by side of different sizes and join the two stems of the flowers. This is the complete process to learn to draw a flower.

How to draw a Lotus Flower?

How to draw a LOTUS flower? Lotus is termed as the national flower of India. Lotus is also known as Indian Lotus, Bean of India, and Sacred lotus. In India, lotus is presented to god and looks very beautiful with large petals.

It looks elegant with central pod. The sign of lotus is purity, beauty, non-attachment and grace. The color of lotus adds more galore. The drawing part of the lotus is easy and fun. It just needs your concentration to follow the guidelines:

Steps to lotus flower drawing

Step1 – draw an oval shape circle with some dots inside it. It should look like the seed pot.

How to draw a Lotus Flower step one

Step 2- draw the first layer of the petals. Now start drawing the first layer of the lotus flower. A flower has layers of petals. To form petal shapes, just draw curves upside and downside attaching one petal with the other and give the petal shape. Make sure the petals are not scrambled and each and single petal is clearly seen.

How to draw a Lotus Flower step two

Step 3- draw stamens around the seedpod. Draw curvy lines around the seed pods inside the first layer of the lotus. Draw about 10-15 stamens. Not more is required. If you are drawing a bid lotus flower, then go for more stamens, else not required.

How to draw a Lotus Flower step 3

Step 4 – draw the second layer of this. The second layer of the lotus should have beautiful curved petals irrespective of the size and shape. Draw the petals connecting the other giving a lotus shape look and highlight the parts of the petals by shading them light with the pencil. Make sure the petals drawn on the downside of the lotus are oval shaped and the rest and curvy in shape. A lotus flower has bunch of petals in oval and curvy shaped so to give a perfect shape keep the point in mind.

How to draw a Lotus Flower step 4

Step5 – draw sepals at the base of the flower. 4-5 sepals are enough and draw them forming a curved shaped with giving the shading part as the highlight. Draw the stem of the flower by drawing two broad lines from the middle of this. Color and your lotus sketch is ready.

How to draw realistic flowers?

Hence, this is the complete way to learn to draw a lotus flower.

How to draw a flower of life?

How to draw a flower of life? Let me help you further. A flower of life is an ancient symbol full of wisdom. It looks like a geometry figure as the parts like seeds of life, egg of life looks like the geometry designs.

– Start the flower by drawing a central circle first. Taking the perimeter of the first circle, a second circle is drawn overlapping the first circle. Geometrically, the construction is known as Vesica Piscis.

Now, draw the third circle turning around the original circle. All the three circles are ready. Find the intersecting points of each circle and darken the three points of the circle. Now aiming at each intersecting point, draw three seeds of life.

All together there should be 7 circles at the end intersecting each other. The seven steps of this process of drawing a seed of life symbolize the first seven days of creation.

– The new six circles drawn in the seed of life now interacts at ix new points and mark the points with different colors so that there should not be any confusion. The new points are the intersection of circles and draw other circles from the interaction point. Little confusing but if you focuses, it gets simple.

– Now comes the flower part of life. Start from the egg of life, draw circles centered at the outer interacting points giving the central patterns on the flower of life.

Altogether, 19 full circles pattern drawing half circles centered at the intersecting point of the external circles with the outer closing circle. The geometric design looks completed with the second enclosing circle. The petals and the outer flower of the circle are also completed.

– Now the finishing part is obtained by next two symbols. The first one invents the 2D pattern if Metatrons cube and if good volume is given, the circles looks like 3D cube made of 4*4*4=64 spheres.

– You are almost done; point the external circles of the pattern that contains three lines and five tangent circles known as the fruit of life. Both of them complete the actual figure.

Hence, the complete process of life tutorial is completed.

How to draw a rose?

How to draw a rose? Roses are very beautiful and symbol of romance of love. The fragrance of a rose is mesmerizing and it brings a smile on the person’s place. A bunch of roses looks more attractive. Learning the tutorial part is easy.

Get started:

– Draw a free hand circle at the center. This is the starting step.

How to draw a rose step one

– Draw another irregular oval shape above the circle for the first petal. Repeat the drawing steps of the petals diagonally around the circle forming the petal shape.

How to draw a rose step 2

– Make sure the one petal is connected with the other and shape is not the matter of concern.

– Once the first round of the petals is completed, draw the first spiral for the second row of the petals. One single diagonally shaped curved petal rose shape is enough.

How to draw a rose step 3

– Now draw the bigger outer irregular curve to create a third row of petals. Give the wavy lines joining the appropriate places of the rose.

– You can create the layers of the rose as much you want and give the curvy shapes. A rose has many petals collapsed with each other.

– Once you create the shape of the rose, draw the petals and leaves of the rose.

How to draw a rose step 5

– Now you are ready with the sketch of the rose. Color the rose with the red color and color the leaves of the flower with green color. Give different shades of the rose to make it look more perfect. You are ready with a rose.

A complete way of drawing a rose is completed.

How to draw a daisy flower?

How to draw a daisy flower? Daisy flowers are beautiful in appearance and smell good. The tutorial to learn a daisy is interesting and let’s gets started without taking much time.

How to draw a daisy flower


Step1 – draw the outline of the daisy flower. Draw a small circle and then attach it to a long stalk.

Step 2– draw the second circle of the petals by drawing the big circle around the diameter of the circle. Make sure the petals of the lies inside the circle and this technique helps you to Crete a perfect daisy.

Step 3- draw the petals of the daisy flower inside the circle. They look similar to that of sunflower petals. Long oval shaped petals are the shape and draw many petals touching the other petal draw the petals symmetrically and neatly.

Step 4-
once you draw the petals, erase the circle formed to give a proper shape of the daisy flower and draw two lines behind the creating a stalk of the flower. Darken the stem lines and shade them with pencil. Draw the leaves of the daisy. The leaves of the flower are long and tiny veins shaped. The stem and leaves part of the daisy makes it look complete.

Step 5- color the daisy flower using orange red color in the center and shading the petals of the daisy flower darker at the ends and using green color for stem and leaves. The complete way of learning to draw a daisy flower is completed.

How to draw a flower easily?

How to draw a flower easily? If you are kid and want to learn an easy way of drawing a flower, then here you go. Draw a small circle on the paper or book. Draw roughly oval shaped petals touching the circle. Make sure the ends of the petals are connected to the other petal.

A simple flower consists of five petals and shades the end part of the petals darker with the pencil to give a glance look to the this. It gets easy and once done doing the part. Draw the steam and leaves. Draw two parallel lines from the middle of this. Shade the lines darker. Draw two leaves on either sides of the stem.

Draw one small bog and one small leaf. The leaf shape of the flower is water drop shaped. The perfections don’t matter as leaves are irregular of its shape. Once the sketch part is ready, color the flower using appropriate colors. Your tutorial class is over and thanks for being patient enough to bear with me.

How to draw Butterfly?

How to draw a butterfly? Drawing butterfly is easy the only thing you need to have is patience to draw, few people may face problem to draw a butterfly because they fell its complicated. Below are the few steps which will help you to draw butterfly

1) Start with the top: the first and easy step are to start with the head of the butterfly, you need to sketch a circle for the head, and then you need to draw two small ovals at each side of the circles for the eyes.

How to draw Butterfly?

2) Then draw the Antennae: if you see the images of butterfly you will see that they have two Antennae on the top of their head, so the second step is to draw the Antennae, just draw two long lines for the Antennae. At the top draw two very Small oval to complete it

3) Draw the Body : after the top side is done now draw the body, draw Two ovals, One under the head and the other one elongated that to form Tail end

4) Now add the wings to the ovals: for the bottom you need to draw two large triangular shapes it and give smooth edges. For the Top wings, draw other larger triangular shapes with rounded sides.

5) Design: the last step is to design your wings, in this, you can design your own or you can also copy from the actual butterfly. the wings should look Thick

6) Color: If you want to make your butterfly look more attractive you can also color the sketch.

Here the complete way to draw a butterfly is completed.

How to Draw a Lily flower?

How to draw a Lily flower? There are many people who can draw this beautiful flower Lily, you need to have a drawing technique so that you can improve your skills.

How to Draw a Lily flower?

1) You can begin by drawing a circle in the middle (small circle) in the middle, and then you can attach to it a long line for the stalk.

2) In the second one, you need to draw simple contours for the petals of this. You need to draw seven initial lines. these lines should be curved, which will show the design of the sketch in the end

3) Now you need to draw Contours of lily petals, which mean draw the outline for those seven curved lines.

4) Now you need to add more details to the final contours of each petal, now you should erase the initial lines which you drew before, the seven curved lines. Erase all those seven lines after the Design is done.

5) Now move down to drawing the lilies stem and also you need to draw pointed leaves of various sizes and quantity

6) Now in this step, you are almost done with the steps drawing the lily flower. Now you need to add shadows to the petals where the light does not hit the flower directly.

In this last step, when you are done with the drawing part, lily is ready.

How to draw realistic flowers?

Drawing realistic flowers is an art and talent. The procedure to draw a realistic flower is similar to that of other flowers. The different part to make it look realistic is the shading part.

How to draw realistic flowers?

The technique plays the role. The shading again comes in different forms like light and dark and middle stroke. It is highly professional and is possible to give the realistic look by drawing a flower on paper.

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