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Top Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in World 2018

World top fat celebrities and also famous fat people or celebrities who got fat complete info today we will live in this article. Being fat doesn’t mean that they can’t be famous or celebrities. There are many fat celebrities who became famous all around the world. They have been famous in their own fields of work.

Though they were discriminated for their overweight, they never lost their confidence of being able to reach their goals and became famous. If you are fat don’t get discouraged take them as the role model and grow in your life to become famous in your own field.

Top Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in World

If you want to know about such beautiful fat celebrities who are talented, intelligent as well as successful, you need to read the below information.

1. Mukesh Ambani:

He is 1st most popular Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in our list, To talk about the fat and famous celebrities, we would like to start with the business personality who has reached heights in success and he is nothing but, Mukesh Ambani. Many of us and people of all across the world have heard about this business tycoon as a Chairman and managing director of the Reliance industries. He is now the chairman of many industries grown from his hard work. Though he has excess weight, he never feels hampered to make his business moves and deals the clients all over the world to run his multi-million dollars industry.

Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people

2. Smriti Irani:

She is 2nd Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in our list. Smriti Irani is a former model, producer, television actress and at present a politician too. What not she has almost covered all the top fields to become famous despite her fat. At the age of 38, now she is known to be the youngest member of the prime minister cabinet as a Minister of Human Resource Development. She has done lots of good works for the people in this field and become popular. She never gets discouraged of being fat.

Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people

3. Vidhya Balan:

Vidhya Balan is 3rd Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in our list. Vidhya Balan is the most accomplished actress of the Bollywood though she is fat. Even on her weight she has done many good women-oriented or women centric movies such as Kahani, Ishqiya and many more. She herself can handle the movie even without actors and to say her weight helped her to get those roles. Even she is called for lots of social awareness advertisements to make people wake up and look after their health.

Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people

4. Bharti Singh:

Bharti Singh 4th Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in our list. Bharti Singh is a famous woman among the female leading comedians. She is a famous face in the variety of TV channels these days. She also own Great Indian Laughter Challenge of season 4 in the year 2008 as Lalli and Golu, even she is a gold medalist at a national level in archery and pistol shooting. She is not only famous in India but abroad too with her performance in Canada, USA and many other places too. Despite being fat, she made all this possible.

Bharti Singh

5. Farak Khan:

Farak Khan is 5th Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in our list. She started as a choreographer and know became famous as producer and director in the Bollywood industry. She even acted in few films, and these days she is also hosting several reality dance shows and chat shows. Here overweight never stopped her doing all this and to reach her dream goals rather made her successful. Even today she is leading in the industry with here works.

Farak Khan

6. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia:

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is 6th Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in our list. He quitted out from the corporate ladder and took the comedy as his future career. He used to play jokes on himself and make people laugh with his jokes. He even makes people laugh at various other countries too by traveling to those countries and giving comedy shows over there. Now, his fan following is growing day by day. He calls himself as the Salman Khan of the fat world. His overweight never made him discouraged in becoming popular and famous despite that he is making people laugh which is a great medicine for the people.

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Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

7. Usha Uthup:

It’s Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in our list. Usha Uthup almost all Indians know about this great woman who is fat actually. She is known to be a powerhouse of her voice. She has sung pop, disco, and also the retro music in her past and even today she attends music shows to rock the show with her powerful voice. She never let her excess weight to come in her successful life. In fact, she is loved by most of the celebrities and people with her rocking songs.

Usha Uthup

8. Delnaz Irani:

Delnaz Irani 8th Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in our list. Delnaz Irani has worked in several movies as well as serials ad worked with most of the famous celebrities in Bollywood and in fact her overweight would have brought up all such beautiful roles for her and made her famous fat women. Though she is fat, she looks cute and suits her roles in both serials as well as movies too.

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Delnaz Irani

9. Ganesh Acharya:

Ganesh Acharya is 9th Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in our list. Ganesh Acharya is a choreographer. He is a very fat guy but though he is a famous choreographer in the industry today. He has made his own mark in the Bollywood with this work. Not only that, he also even acted in many popular movies. He even made the big stars dance for his choreography. This too fat person never failed in his attempts to become famous despite that heavy overweight that he actually had.

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Ganesh Acharya

10. Kiron Kher:

Kiron Kher 10th Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people in our list. Last of the list, Kiron Kher is a famous celebrity of the Bollywood movies. She acted in several motherly roles beside the big celebrity stars though she is overweight. She also judges many reality shows and even participated in the elections too. Her excess weight never discouraged her from becoming popular. Her hard work made all this possible.

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Kiron Kher

Fat Celebrities Also famous fat people

Not only in India, there were many fat celebrities across the world became famous despite being fat and leading their positions even today. Their talent and hard work helped them to become famous and popular in their own fields and all across the India and other countries too.

So, if you are fat never get discouraged off it rather try your heard to reach your dream goals and aims. Don’t look at your negatives, rather concentrate on your positives and you will definitely see good times and success in your life.

Final Word

This is all about the fat celebrities also famous people. So, know you have known about this celebrities what would you do? Waken up and highlight all your positives to get success in your life and become famous in your own field. Be the real role models for many people. Hope, this information about the fat celebrities but also famous people will enlighten you if you are fat or not and make your dreams come to you and become successful in your life as you wanted to be.

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