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The 10 Famous Most Evil Serial Killers Ever You Not Know

Famous serial killers and most famous serial killers in history today we are sharing with you. The Most Evil Serial Killers Ever You have to know article today we are sharing with you, Most infamous serial killers in history many people wanna know. It is not the man that is evil; his thoughts are what make him evil. Since our childhood we would have seen many thriller celluloid’s that were made on serial killing and serial killers.

You would have heard about serial killings in the city every now and then in the news. Seen from history to till date there are numerous serial killers who have killed innocent people torturing, raping, and killing allegedly irrespective of the gender. craziest serial killers in history

The Famous Most Evil Serial Killers Ever You Not Know

There are many woman and men serial killers till date who have killed countless number of people just to satisfy their evil satisfactions. We call those people in medical language as psycho. These psychos have no reason to kill someone. They just kill anyone going on road brutally and can lead their live normally without any feelings of fear.

They won’t have any fear or law or fear of death. Their psycho killers even don’t have the gender difference. They target young girls and boys mostly to rape, torture, and kill. Mostly they won’t regret on their evil doings and that is reason why they are called evil minded serial killers. There are thousands of serial killers in the entire world on record, but off record heaven knows.

10.Dean Arnold Corll

Dean Arnol Corrl who is also known as The Candy Man or The Pied Piper is ranked number 10 in our list of evil serial killers. He paid #200 to his accomplices David Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley to find his victims. He then raped and shot 28 boys between 1970 to 1973.

Dean was then killed by Henely on August 8th, 1973. Henley who is accomplice of Dean who has many other cases on him before confessed to the police that he did kill Dean and was sentenced to six consecutive 99 years of imprisonment, 594 years all total. Brooks who was another accomplice of Dean was also sentenced life time imprisonment.

9. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is one of the most intelligent serial killers in the list. He used to gain the trust of his victims with his words and then his cruel activities followed. He is a famous serial killer for his evil killing in United States.

He murdered 30 young women whose ages between 15 to 35 during the 1970s. The most terrifying thing about Ted is that he used to kill a lot of young women and after raping he threw their bodies near Taylor Mountain and visits the bodies to have sex even at the state of bodies decomposing.

8. Ahmad Suradji

Ahmad Suradji is a doctor from Indonesia who killed 42 young girls in a period of 11 years. He claimed that the ghost of his father ordered him to kill the people and drink their saliva in order to become a mystic healer. He was sentenced to death and executed by firing squad on July 10th, 2008. His three wives who supported him in doing all these mischiefs were also taken under police custody.

7. Alexander Pichushkin

Alexander Pichushkin was obsessed with exceptional murder of Andrei Chikatilo and murdered 49 men. Most of the people he murdered were homeless in Southwest Moscow’s Bitsa Park. He used to smash the victim’s skull with the help of a hammer and attack them behind.

He was arrested in 2006 and he confessed the court that he had done 11 other murders. He is currently in prison for his life sentence with his first 15 years in solitary confinement.

6. Gary Leon Ridgway

Gary Leon Ridgeway who is named as The Green River Killer has killed 48 people of total. He was named so because 4 of his 48 victims were found by the Green River. The people he killed mostly were prostitutes, which he said is his career. He was sentenced in 2005 for life imprisonment.

5. Andrei Chikatilo

The Russian killer Andrei Chikatilo is also called as The Rostov Ripper or The Red Ripper. He did his first crime in 1978 when he tried to rape a nine-year-old girl and murdered her with a knife. He mainly targeted at young boys and girls. He used to rape the victims and killed them and even sometimes ate their body parts. He was executed in 1994 by firing a bullet into his head.

4. Yang Xinhai

Yang Xinhai was called as the monster for his serial killing activities. He killed about 65 people between 1999 to 2003. He is from China who raped his victims before killing and DNA tests performed became evidence for his arrest. He was executed in 2004, February 14th by shooting to death.

3. Carl Eugene

Carl Eugene Watts was an African-American serial killer who killed about 100 females whose ages are between 14 to 44. He has committed his first crime at the age of 20 in 1974. He used to kidnap the people from their houses and then torture them following a murder.

Famous Most Evil Serial Killers

He first admitted before the court of murdering 12 women when he was arrested in 1982 and later he admitted that he killed 40 earlier. He was sentenced with 60 years life at a maximum security centre in Ionia, Michigan. He died of prostate cancer in 2007.

2. Luis Garavito

Luis Garavito is named as beast that is from Columbia. He was responsible for the rape and murder of 140 young boys. He was described as “the world’s worst serial killer” by the media. He was first sentenced to 30 years imprisonment and then he it was reduced to 22 years.

 Famous Most Evil Serial Killers

There was news that he drew a map in prison to indicate the locations of his victim’s bones where he mapped about 300 murders.

1. Harold Shipman

Harold Shipman is one of the most evil serial killers in the UK. It is also said that he is the most evil one among all other evil serial killers in the world. He murdered 250 people of which 80% of them were woman. He is a doctor by profession, but he misused his profession and killed his patients by injecting fatal doses of drugs causing their death.

Famous Most Evil Serial Killers

His colleagues and local doctors raised concerns about the death rate in the area and the patients bodies were examined and the post mortem shown the traces of diamorphoine in their body. He also forged their assets to inherit their money and completed the cremation forms to destroy their bodies and thereby the evidence of the murder. He was given 15 consecutive life sentences, but he hanged himself up in his cell at Wakefield Prison in January 2004.

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